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Things You Need to Know

Items once SOLD cannot be exchanged or returned.

  • Once the item is paid for, we process the shipment and send it out within 24 hours via USPS or UPS. The delivery timeline is anywhere between 2-5 business days. We do not have any control over the actual timeline due to the pandemic.

  • Once the shipment is processed, we will send the tracking number via text message or an email.

  • We carefully inspect and pack every item by making sure that they are damage free. 

  • Enazori is not responsible for damaged items due to the handling of the shipping services. 

In case there is a defect in the product, our team will do a quality check to ensure the same. If a defect is found, the cost of the product along with the shipping charges will be refunded.

Here are the list of issues not considered defects:

* The small knots or bumps in threads you often see occur when broken threads are pieced together. This is not considered a defect.
* The uneven threads connecting the border to the body are not considered defects.
* Slubs - residual threads bundled together in tiny knots.
* Minute gaps in and around motifs.
* Loose threads in Bandhani sarees used for the tying and dyeing.

* Handloom sarees are woven by pinning the saris to the loom. They often have pin marks or holes on equal distance on top or bottom of saree or near borders, known as selvedge. This in fact makes it easier to identity the product as a pure handloom product. In a power-loom this is not so, they are flawless and smooth.  
* Color mismatch - colors are subjective, we understand. We try to best capture the most truest colors of the saree. Despite that, due to individual device settings, the colors may appear different on different devices. Hence, it is advisable you check with our team if you are doubtful regarding the color of a product.

These are considered defects:

* Tear in the saree
* Incorrect length (instead of what was stated),
* Missing blouse piece (if mentioned that the saree has a blouse piece)

If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us by filling out the contact us form or by sending an email to

Thank you for your cooperation.

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